Wednesday, September 1, 2010

That novel you've been working on..

Had a random thought today that I might actually pursue.

Coming up with a list of reasons for why Sarah Palin can never be president, preferably enough reasons that it would be publishable as a book.

I'm thinking something like 500 would be a necessary number to get a publishers attention..100 reasons should be easy.  Maybe even categorize it like 'if you're a conservative...she can't be president because she belongs in the kitchen' etc.

I'll work more on this later, I believe it has potential.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What it is to be American

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. 

It is by that simple line that one of the greatest nations the world will ever know built her foundations.  The undeniable right to practice whatever religious subject you so choose.  As Americans we are subjected from time to time by things we may not agree with, but that is the beauty of what it is to be American, we live in a land where being different is ok.

In some countries, if you go outside the cultural norm, if you do things which are not accepted by the elite, you may find yourself six feet under.  In Saudi Arabia a woman would be beaten by a mob if she ever dared to wear pants.  In Singapore you can be caned for chewing gum.  In America you can read from the Quran openly next to a man reading from the Bible, next to a woman reading from the Torah. 

With all of that said, unless you've been living under a rock you've presumably heard SOMETHING about the 'Ground Zero Mosque', an Islamic Cultural Center(think YMCA with turbans) that is to be constructed roughly three blocks away from the former site of the Twin Towers, in an area of Manhattan filled with abandoned buildings, where almost all business has fled and prices have crashed in the wake of 9/11. 

This center will include a basketball court, culinary school, pool, library, and a small portion of it will be set aside for open public religious worship.  This institution will be open to the public, just like a YMCA, and anyone can use its prayer areas.  It is being pushed by Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the Imam of one of the older mosques in Manhattan, a moderate clergyman who has made a life-goal of improving relations between Islamic society and Western society.  He has written three books relating to Islam in America, specifically regarding the hand-in-hand nature of Muslim and American values.  He is also employed by the Government(hired under the Bush Administration) to reach out to Muslim communities outside America, and preach to them about Islam in America. 

Now it should come as no shock to any sane, level headed person that this is wrong.  Wait.


Alright, so in case you really have been living under a rock, the right-wing has come out in open hostility to this building.  Notably the OVERWHELMING majority of those who oppose the center are people who don't live within New York City, both the Mayor and the City Council approved it(with a vote of 29-1).  It's on private property owned by Imam Rauf, and is in no way shape or form visible from 'Ground Zero'.

I've laid out most of the facts here, without TOO much of my own bias, so here's where I'm going to throw down my gauntlet.  I'm going to draw my line here.  Cross it and you can go ahead and just emigrate, because you don't belong in America.

If the Cordoba House is blocked, Al Qaeda wins.

Let me say that again.

If the Cordoba House is blocked, Al Qaeda wins.

Think about it, please.  Put some serious thought into this.  Why did Al Qaeda attack us?  Why did Osama Bin Laden target America?  Because he felt that we hate Islam.  That we seek to destroy Islam, to destroy his way of life.  He believes that America is evil, that we are a christian theocracy that would gladly launch another crusade if we had the opportunity.

Think about the message it sends to have an Islamic Cultural Center a few blocks from such a horrific religiously-inspired tragedy?  It says that as Americans, we see past the star, the cross, and the crescent. It says that as Americans we understand that there are fanatics of every creed, color, and religion, and as Americans we do as Christ did...

We do not judge our fellow man for the sins of others.  As Americans we do as Christ, we judge a man for his deeds and his alone.

And that is what it is to be American.

Relevant posts up

I posted my 'greatest hits' so to speak from Facebook, they're the most relevant political posts I've made since 2006.  Mostly the events that have most significantly impacted my current political ideology...or to put it simply, these are the posts that most clearly indicate how I got to be where I am today, and we will go from there.

Enjoy :)

Prop-8 Analysis

So the judicial aftermath of Proposition 8 being overturned(in case you live under a rock it was a ballot initiative funded by the Mormon church to ban gay marriage in California) has gotten a lot more complicated, and a hell of a lot more interesting.,8599,2010377,00.html

Basically, long story short(and it is fucking complicated, so still kinda long)

Because it's a California law, the state of California had to be sued in order to over-turn it.  Irony of ironies, both the Governor and Attorney General of California were in support of gay marriage, and thus in a controversial move refused to mount a legal defense(Attorney generals are supposed to defend all state laws, regardless of their own political opinion).  As a result of this Judge Walker allowed random-anti-gay-group to defend the ballot initiative at trial.

However, now that the trial is over, Judge Walker has stated that the group may not have the legal right to file an appeal, as it does not directly relate to them, and that only the Governor or Attorney General can file an appeal.  They have until this Thursday at 5pm to do so, and they have both already previously stated they will not, and that they fully support Judge Walker's ruling.

So here's where things get fun.

If the group files an appeal despite Judge Walker's warning, the Circuit Court will have to rule on whether or not they have legal standing to file the appeal in the first place.  If they should decide that the group does not have legal standing to appeal, they may also rule that they had no right to defend the ballot initiative in the first place, thereby nullifying Judge Walker's ruling, and sending it back to his court to be rehashed out all over again.  Now if the Attorney General and the Governor are still in office at that time, Prop 8 is defeated and equality of marriage is established in California, however, neither of them will be in office come 2011, new Governor, new Attorney General..and thus the State of California may actually mount a legal defense for Prop 8.

Beyond that, if the Circuit Court rules that they do not have the right to appeal but does not undo the trial, the only option remaining would be to appeal to the Supreme Court to intervene, and the presiding Justice over the 9th circuit happens to be Justice Kennedy, one of the most respected jurists on the bench for his common sense interpretations of constitutional law.  He's likely to rule in favor of equal marriage, based on the findings of fact issued by Judge Walker, but whether or not he would decide the case needs to be heard by the supreme court..

These are the possible outcomes:

If the case is appealed all the way to the supreme court and the justices rule in favor of Prop 8, nothing changes.  Current status quo is that states can pass laws banning gay marriage.  Prop 8 is just another one of those laws.

If the case is appealed to the supreme court and the justices rule against Prop 8, it strikes down the states 'right' to legislate on this matter, determining as Judge Walker did that same-sex marriage is protected by both Due Process and the Equal Protection clauses of the constitution.  Such a decision would legalize same-sex marriages nationwide.

The only way the circuit court can impact this case(because no matter what if they decide to hear it it WILL go to the supreme court) is to rule that the proponents of Prop 8 had no legal standing to be in court in the first place, and as stated such a ruling would essentially push a restart button on the whole thing.  If by that time a new Attorney General OR Governor is in office, it is possible that a much stronger legal defense will be provided for Prop 8, one of the things that Judge Walker pointed out in his ruling was that the group that defended it did not do so very well.

It's important to understand that courtrooms are very different environments.  The Judge could very well find a different ruling if the case is reheard, based on what defense is provided that time around.  Judge Walker based his ruling on the overwhelming strength of the opponents case, compared with the weak defense provided by the group put in charge of it.  If the state is put in charge of defending Prop 8 they may present a more compelling legal case, and thus result in a different ruling, or at least one that is not so overwhelmingly for gay marriage.

If you are a supporter of Prop 8(aka a moron) that would be the ideal outcome for you.  I would also recommend sterilization.

If you are a supporter of Prop 8 you do NOT want this to go to the supreme court.


Kennedy-For(every previous case regarding the rights of homosexuals he has voted in favor of, on the same legal basis that Judge Walker ruled, Due Process and Equal Protection)

5-4 Equal right to marriage for all Americans.

Arizona immigration analysis

Just a random thought, since I finally bothered to look into this whole immigration nonsense in Arizona, immigration as a topic generally bores me, since I was one of those sociopaths in favor of the whole NAFTA becoming an EU type deal... or at least open borders between the big three in North America(and by big three I mean Mexico/USA, since our border with Canada is MOSTLY open..)

The law is pretty simple, to the point, and if you look at it on face value alone you don't get where it's intrusive.

Officers in Arizona now have the legal right to demand proof of your legal residency in the United States.

Now if you're driving a car, this makes sense and isn't a problem, you'll have a license, wham bam problem solved.

But what if you can't drive? What if you don't HAVE an ID? You're now legally required in the state of Arizona to carry your social security card on you at all times is essentially what this means.

But hey, don't worry about it unless you're 'Mexican-Looking' ...not that this is racially motivated at all.

What a joke.

I voted against John McCain, and why you should've '08 Analysis

I tagged EVERYONE on my list(up to the J's...) because I want as many people to read this as possible. You don't have to read, and if you're ignorant enough then you can go ahead and delete me or something, because I'm not forcing you to read this :)

I will write this in 3 points, feel free to read it all, or read only that which applies to you. I will start with my own flesh and blood.

I've had to witness alot of bastardization towards the ideals of the Republican Party. I've seen social issues that have no real merit or weight in politics suddenly become deciding factors in presidential elections(Kerry was resoundingly stomped by mass turn out by evangelical voters who came out to vote for a gay marriage ban in different battleground states, most notably Missouri). I've met Republicans who have no concept what-so-ever for the merits of capitalism, some even commenting that they're 'not big fans'. But they're Republican because they carry a bible.

I'll stop there for a second and point out that I am a Christian, I believe in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, I am very passionate about it, I simply choose not to talk about it for the respect of my fellow man.

One hero I've always had, someone who has in fact been my political idol, a politician who dared to tell the truth and do what he felt in his heart was the right thing to do, was John McCain. I loved McCain, I always figured he would never run again after 2000, he could never do it, he knew he could never do it, everyone knew he could never do it. Here's the facts for those who don't know or pretend they don't know, in 2000 McCain lost the primary to Bush because of Karl Rove and the far right, who actually had the AUDACITY to attack McCain's war record. McCain blasted his critics, Jerry Falwell and other members of the religious right he very openly hated.

...and my heart shattered when he cozied up to them over the past few years, rubbed elbows with the men who had destroyed his campaign in 2000, the ideologues who don't give a damn about what it really means to have integrity, who only care about making this country into a Christian version of Iran. We are granted by god the right to be free and live in happiness, the America these theocrats want is an America where there is only one accepted god, one religion, and that is that. A land where all abortions of all kinds are illegal, spare the child spoil the mother. A country where it's NOT ok to be with someone because you love them, regardless of who they happen to be. A country where we would judge each other, and be judged. Because that's really what Christ wanted, right? That's really why he died, right? So you can judge others? McCain fought against these ideas, and has now embraced their support because he knew it was the ONLY way he could win the Republican nomination. In doing so however he has sacrificed his integrity, and with it he has lost the majority of the independent vote, not to mention most of us Republicans who consider ourselves intellectuals are sure as hell not going to vote for him now that he's picked Sarah Palin. To be honest with you had he picked Mitt Romney I'd be voting for him, but no fucking way will I cast a vote for a woman as dumb as that. Secondly for anyone who likes her, SHE SUPPORTED BOOK BURNING FOR FUCKS SAKE. Nazi much?

In all likely hood, neither McCain nor Obama would survive their first time. For one McCain is very very old, and is very noticeably confused in his public appearances, he seems lost when he's on TV. And let's face it. This country is fucking racist. West Virginia has a 50% Democratic Party membership and it's going to go for McCain. If Obama gets elected, the reality of the situation is that he probably will be killed, or he will at the very least have an attempt put on his life. I'm not happy about it, I WILL cry when it happens, but it's highly probable, this country is pretty fucked up. That being said it becomes who do you want, Biden or Palin?

Let that sink in.

If you really think Palin should be president, go jump off a bridge. The woman is dumb as all hell, crooked as the day is long, have you heard her voice? My god it's annoying. Not to mention the fact that she was found to have been unethical in 'Troopergate' but what's most disturbing about that is that they found that her HUSBAND abused HER powers as Governor. Seriously.

Seriously? You have to ask?

I have to reiterate this one point though. I'm not voting FOR Barack Obama. I am voting AGAINST John McCain. Will my vote be cast for the democratic ticket? Yes. Why? Because it has a higher chance of winning than Bob Barr. If this were a parliamentary system you bet your sweet ass I'd be voting for Barr but since I don't want to waste my vote I'm sending it to Obama. I do not agree with Obama on...well..anything. In fact as a Libertarian I am opposed to almost everything he stands for, HOWEVER let's face it, this country has been going into the shitter over the past 8 years and as a conservative I feel that there's only one thing that'll get the Republicans to understand and figure out what they did wrong.

And that's a Democrat in the white house and 60 Democrats in the Senate.

I hope they learn their lesson after this. Because if not then I don't know what will teach them.

Random '08 Analysis, voting for Obama because he's black

It is again that time of year when we all(and by all I mean presumably half or less) flip a coin and presumptively vote for the lesser of two evils.(Note: lesser of two evils is always heads, any other way and you're doing it wrong)

My life has been absurdly hectic over the course of the year, I've dropped contact with a lot of people unintentionally, just understand that there's so much going on in my life that I can't balance EVERYTHING. Sorry.

Now that that's been said I move on to the purpose of this note. To ramble, rant, and try to explain as I always do to those of you who don't understand anything about any of this stuff, why it is you should care. Presumably however those of you that don't care opted to not click on this to begin with, but oh well. Take one and pass it on, there will be a quiz.

1-Black Man v. Angry White Woman
In essence this is the choice in 2008. I'm pretty sure McCain is somewhere on the ballot but last I checked there was a black man running against an angry white woman, whether said woman was a blonde(Clinton) or a brunette(MILF(Palin)) is irrelevent(unless you're into Milfs). It's an angry white woman. It has voter appeal.

I don't think the issues are relevant in this election, genuinely. Do any of you even know what their stances are? Would you believe me if I said they agree on 90% of them? Probably not but tough shit because guess what they do. I know what you read about Obama being a dirty evil liberal socialist and I know what you read about McCain wanting to find a new apprentice to replace Darth Vader but I'm sorry. Here's a simple fact for you in case you somehow didn't know who John McCain was before 2004, or you didn't know who Barack Obama IS, but they are the fucking same on so many issues that it REALLY DOESNT MATTER WHAT THEIR STANCES ARE.

McCain is a LIBERAL Republican. Obama is a MODERATE Democrat. Does that make Obama left of McCain? Yes. Wanna know why? CAUSE HE'S A DEMOCRAT. For the record, however, there are Democrats, SENATE DEMOCRATS who could give McCain a run for his money at ANY conservative lobbying group. So don't give me your bullshit about Obama being a liberal pansy because if you really think that you're ignorant, have made up your mind down a partisan red/blue line, and should seriously go die and gtfo my political discussions.

If however you would like to know their stances: They are both in favor of stem cell research(hey, evangelicals, McCain supports stem cell research, OH SHIT), they are both in favor of regulation(Don't believe the bullshit McCain is spouting right now, if this 'financial crisis' hadn't popped up he'd never have changed his mind, and FOR THE RECORD one week ago McCain opposed the bailout, then supported it, and now opposes it again), the primary difference between the two men is(ironically now) the least important issue. Iraq. McCain is for, Obama is against. If you give two shits about Iraq please vote Nader.

For me, personally. I don't like Obama. I don't like McCain. I will, however, likely vote Obama out of spite. Out of spite for a Republican party which doesn't even know what conservative means anymore(Hint: it has nothing to do with Jesus, or Abortion, even if I am pro-life I'm smart enough to know it has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE ISSUE WHAT SO EVER), for a party which would pick an IDIOT like Palin(she supported BANNING BOOKS in PUBLIC LIBRARIES while she was Mayor, I don't give a shit what you think about her, she supported book banning, which is unconstitutional and FFS a Hitler tactic, all her other stances on issues are moot to me on the basis that she is so IGNORANT that she supported banning books), a party which has become so bloated and corrupt over the past two decades and so out of touch with its ideals that I genuinely WANT it to fail. I WANT Obama to win. I WANT the Democrats to gain a veto-proof majority in the Congress.

Why? Why do you ask would a staunch conservative pro-life christian deregulation LIBERTARIAN(which is the most conservative you can logically be in a democracy without being an anarchist) want so badly for the Republican Party, the party which holds all of those ideals close to its heart, to fail so brutally?

I want them to understand what they've done. I want them to realize where they went wrong, I want them to see the folly of their ways, and I want them to reap what they have sown. I do not feel that the minor defeat in 2006 was enough. I want to see Pro-Choice judges on the Supreme Court, I want to see Pat Robertson's worst nightmares come to fruition.

I want you, you fellow Republicans who somehow still support the current system that we have so ignorantly propped up, I want you to stop, take a breather, and look back upon this decade. I want you to see where we went wrong, as I saw it as it was happening, and promise me that you will never let this happen again. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. We held absolute power, all of the branches were ours, and we quickly sank into a sea of corruption so deep that now 3 years later we are still drowning in it's misery.

America deserves better.

I'll move on from that before I get too angry.

2-Electoral Catastrophe
I alluded to this in my status a few days ago. I run poll numbers every day when I get on my computer, I check most polls, I check everything I can possibly check. It's just what I do. I've checked things for SEVERAL days and unless something unlikely happens(here's where predictions come in btw, this is the 1%). Obama will carry every state that Kerry won. Obama will NOT win Ohio, he will NOT win Florida. The states have been stable and leaning McCain for weeks now and while Obama has pledged to spend $40 million in Florida alone, lets face it, the Democrats really shot themselves in Florida. Good luck to them but it's not likely to be theirs. Where things get interesting is in this simple probability. Obama will win Iowa. Obama will likely win Colorado. If he wins both of those states while only winning Kerry's states and losing ALL other 'battleground states', including Virginia and Indiana, his electoral college vote will be 269.

Now for some of you that number is meaningless. For me it was 'oh, well he needs 270 to win and so McCain wins in that situation' I did these number crunches in a quick manner and only did them for Obama, not for McCain. So I'll simplify this real easy for those of you who didn't have to figure it out the way I did. There are 538 electoral college votes. You need a majority(270) to win. 269+269=538

There is an increasingly high probability that the electoral college will split evenly for McCain and Obama, and for the first time in American history the House of Representatives will decided our president. Then it gets even MORE interesting, because the House does not do a simple rollcall vote when this happens, the actual proceedings call for the state delegations to vote as a unit, now mind you the delegations are not obligated to vote the way their state did. Then in turn factor that while some states go one way nationally, they tend to go the other way on the local level. West Virginia will go McCain(I'm sorry Lenny but it will, the polls are neat but Obama will not win this state). However, the Democrats have a majority in the state delegation. In a tie scenario, does West Virginia's delegation vote the way the state did, or the way their party bosses want them to?

3-The Poll is a Lie
Seriously. I will follow these poll numbers up to the very last day and I will be as excited as a little schoolgirl when they fluctuate by just ONE fucking point, but don't get this twisted. Those poll numbers don't mean a fucking thing. In 2004 every poll had Kerry winning, guess what, Bush won and not only won but with 52% of the popular vote, the first president to win a majority of the popular vote in a decade(as irony would have it he was also the first president elected with a minority of the popular vote in several decades). While these polls are interesting, we will not genuinely know who will win what until that night in November. We simply can't tell. No matter what any of these polls say.

An overwhelming black turnout in the south could turn even Alabama to the blue column, much the same a large evangelical turnout could push Michigan into the red(pun intended), and secure Virginia's place in the GOP.

We cannot, will not, simply have no way of knowing until that day, that's that.

And that's also that for this note, it's mine and Michalea's 5 month anniversary, I have better things to do(giggidy) than ramble on about politics. However I *am* annoyed that there weren't many new polls out today.


And to be bluntly honest, I'm voting for Obama because he's black. Kiss my ass you racist twats, I'm sick of old white men in the white house, I want a black president.